Как правильно вести кулинарный блог (eng)


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Social media conquest tactics and strategies
Any happy owner of a phone with a decent camera registered in at least one of the many social networks can become a blogger. But not everyone succeeds in becoming a successful blogger, owner of an account with a huge number of subscribers, those who make money from their posts. Among the many topics, cooking is considered one of the most popular in the world. Today we will show you how to run a culinary blog correctly. Our expert is the popular video blogger Nastya Rubik.

If you want to develop successfully then instant youtube likes will help you

First, you need to decide how you would like to communicate with the audience, because there are many options. You can have a video blog on YouTube, a public page on VKontakte, an official Facebook page, a Telegram channel, or a personal blog on Instagram. Each of these sites has pros and cons, its own specifics and audience. Choose the one on which you are most comfortable doing good content - this is the most important thing for a blogger.

Cook what you like.

Do you like to cook pies and cakes? That's great! You know a good hundred recipes for steaks and ribs - great! Cook what you love to cook and eat. No need to try to please everyone, enjoy the process and the result, and those who are close to it will definitely come.

Don't lose touch with reality.

Cooking for fun and cooking for your blog are two different things. A culinary blog is more work than fun. It takes more time to prepare food for the blog than we usually spend. Shooting a video, creating a photo, and editing take hours, but all these are parts of the process, from which you cannot get away. Learn to get a kick out of it all.

Take care of the post or video release schedule.

The schedule is very important both for you (it is a great spur to release a certain amount of content) and for the viewers - they get used to it and start following your blog like a show.

Don't worry about the technical equipment of your kitchen.

Super power harvesters, multicooker, grill are all cool, but for creating a culinary blog, these are absolutely optional components. To begin with, it is enough to have the most basic set of kitchen appliances and tools that are in the kitchen of any person.

Just start doing.

If you decided to make a blog - start as is. The longer you prepare to launch it, the less likely you will actually be ripe for it. A cool camera, state-of-the-art technology, elite products, luxurious cuisine - all of this is very inspiring, but for a start it is enough what you already have: you and your desire to create delicious and beautiful food.